Saturday, April 24, 2010

Nobody knows....and today's update.

I think I forgot to mention thus far that no one knows that I am pregnant, I am waiting til after Monday's doctor's appointment to tell anyone but I am keeping my thoughts organized on this blog so that once I tell everyone they can begin reading of our journey to two kids instead of one.

Today I am feeling a little sick so I am worried that this is a bad sign. My throat is to sore I can barely sallow and I must have slept weird because my left hip is crazy sore. Although Rich was kind enough this morning to rub some bio-freeze on my hip and give me an almost extra hour this morning in bed by myself, I can honestly say it was truly amazing and probably one of the nicest things he could have done for me today. Now Rich had gone over to my Grandma's house to mow her lawn and do all the trimming and stuff at her house, Rich is such a nice guy to be helping my family out like that because my Grandma's old lawn guy charged her way too much and this way my Dad doesn't have to do it, he is such a good guy.

I think Rich is starting to realize we really are pregnant, at first I think he was in denial. Although it is funny when we talk about how far along we are because he doesn't understand that they start counting from your last period before you even conceive, the doctor is going to have to explain it to him on Monday, he isn't taking my word for it so Monday he might get it, I guess he doesn't remember all this from Jolie. He often jokes about how all he remembers is after Jolie was 6 months old. Wonder what he will remember this time? I am so lucky though to have such a great husband that takes such good care of Jolie and me and is worried about our unborn child.

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