Thursday, September 30, 2010

Feeling Better.....

So I figured I would write a quick post tonight to let everyone know that I can I honestly say I am feeling much better.  I will say it has been a long week and today was a really long day with the end of the month but I really do feel better so that is good news in my book.  I have even made plans to do a few things around the house over the weekend, we are actually going to hang things on the walls on Sunday, so I look forward to that.  Plus I am going to find some sort of little craft project to do, I am thinking of pumpkins out of toliet paper that I saw on one of the blogs I read, you can find it here if you are looking for a quick and an easy project for the weekend.  I think I might also try to find the time to wander down the aisles of JoAnn's and just look for things and I need to buy some paint and general craft suppilies.  And honestly I would love to hit a garage sale or two but I think I might settle for a trip to the Thirfty Store or Goodwill just to check it out.  But the moral is I feel so much better it is a blessing, if only it was the weekend already!!!!

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