Sunday, September 12, 2010

Catch up time....

So it is time for me to post about the last week since I finally have time to do sure has been busy in The Perillo House, here is what we have been up to:

Sunday (a week ago)- It was supposed to be a day of pure relaxation, after the arrival of the new furniture the day before and the following day being Rich's Birthday we were looking forward to a little down time, time to just watch TV and take naps and pretty much do nothing.  So that is how the morning started, it was quite, we went to the grocery store it was awesome.  Jolie and I went upstairs to take a nap in Mommy and Daddy's new big bed.  As we slept I heard a loud noise, didn't think too much about it and drift back to sleep, about 30 minutes later Rich came up to check on us, he noticed I was awake and told me to come downstairs he needed to show me something, I go not understanding what was going on.  He says I washed my hands in the bathroom sink and it fell, what?  Well he was right, we had a pedestal sink in that downstairs bathroom and it completely fell off the wall, on the floor, cracking the bottom pedestal.  I of course call Dad for his emergency repair services, he comes right over to discover the sink was never properly installed, great.  Well in order to solve the problem and have a sink in our bathroom I go with Dad to Home Depot to pick out another one, well we decided not to go with the pedestal and just get a small vanity and sink, well luck was some what on our side when Home Depot was having a big sale on vanities and sinks so we picked a new one and Dad installed in on Monday.

Monday....Happy Birthday wonderful Husband!!  That's right Rich turned 32 on Monday and for his birthday he got new furniture and a new sink, no just kidding, he actually got from me and Jolie a golf trip that he is going on next weekend, he is really excited.  We had a great day!!!  Jolie and Rich hit the pool while Dad put in the new sink and my Mom and I put all of our clothes in the new dressers, it is awesome to have plenty of room.  We did some takeout dinner from Olive Garden, it is Rich's favorite and then had cake that I made on Sunday night, it is this awesome cake and ice cream roll thing, Rich didn't seem impressed until he had some and now thinks it is the best thing he ever tasted.  It was a really nice day and I am glad that Rich enjoyed his special day.

Tuesday....The CRAZY work week began....I had a work with to do and a wine dinner that night so I left the house about 8 am to take Jolie to school and got home at about 10 pm for the day, of course I was exhausted but Rich and Jolie did a great job of dinner, dishes, her bath, and to be bed so when I got home Rich drew me a bath and I got 30 minutes to relax, it was AWESOME!!!

Wednesday....Another CRAZY day at work with proposals to be built for big events and yet another dinner to go to.  In the middle of the cachos it was time for the dreaded Glucose test, just thinking of the stuff you have to drink makes me ill, yuck!!  I also had my regular OB appointment which went very well, everything is Avery is good, she is growing and kicking and doing well, we went ahead and scheduled Avery's c-section so that is all set for Friday, December 17th at 7:30 am, it is so strange to be able to plan out her arrival like this but I have to admit with the craziness of a three year old and a full time job it is awesome to be able to plan like this.  I got the goodnews on Friday that I passed the 1 hour glucose test and didn't have to do the 3 hour test like I had to with Jolie, that was the best news of my crazy week!!!  The dinner was fabulous but again a lot of work and another late night, this time I got home at about 11 pm.  Again Rich and Jolie did a great job at keeping the house running and I was able to again get another much needed 30 minute bath into the schedule.

Thursday....My tiredness started to set in...I worked a full day but got home at a normal time, made dinner for the first time all week and enjoyed it with my family.  I was here to put Jolie to bed with Rich which was amazing and then not long after Jolie went to bed I was in bed, I even fell asleep before the Jersery Shore even began, thank goodness for DVR, I love it!!!

Friday...Stressful meetings in the morning, running around after that for accounts and then home at a half way decent time!!  The best part of my day, my parents volunteered to keep Jolie for the night, they picked her up from school and kept her until Saturday after the UF football game, it was amazing!!  My wonderful husband made dinner for us, we watched the DVR'd Jersery Shore, I got yet another bath, and then a massage from my husband, what a great night, it has been so long since we have had a night like that.

Saturday...A quite morning to sleep was lovely.  Rich picked up a Micky D's breakfast we laid around I got to watch the UF vs. USF game without a crazy 3 year old, again amazing!!  The UF game had my blood boiling in the first half but the second half calmed me.  We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening watching the other college football games, boy do I love the fall and most of all football.

Today....We did a family grocery store run, Jolie was a little crazy and had difficultity listen so there was no sprinkle cookie in the bakery for her, she didn't seem too upset though, surprisingly.  And then home to clean and get ready for NFL football, Rich had a friend over for the 1 o'clock games and I made a tradional Perillo Football lunch of nachos and then I went upstairs for a short nap to gain some energy for the late Redskins game tonight.  Jolie is awaiting her first chance of the year to say "Touchdown Washington Redskins" she and Rich have been practicing a lot!!  It has been a great weekend, I wish the weekend lasted longer and then it is off to another crazy week of work tomorrow!

Hope all of you had a GREAT weekend and got as much quite family time as we did!!!

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