Thursday, September 2, 2010

Football is back....

I just can't believe that it is the beginning of the fall football season, I have to say I am so excited!!  Tonight Rich and I will watch bits and pieces of countless football games that we don't even care about for the mere fact that the College Football season has begun!!  Then we will prepare ourselves for what I am sure will be an exciting Gator Football Game on Saturday at noon.  I hope to see greatness from our new quarterback that will hopefully be leading my beloved Gators to yet another National Championship.  Not to mention that countdown will begin to the Kentucky game that Rich and I will be attending in Gainesville, we truly can't wait for that game, it is only three weeks away, how exciting!!!  Well, couldn't let the first day of the football season go by without a comment!!!  GO GATORS!!!!!  Also not to mention, just ordered the cutest maternity royal blue dress on-line for football games, it came in the mail just a few days ago and I will be breaking it out for the game this weekend along with the adorable orange and blue gator earrings my Mom got for me at a craft fair last weekend, love it!!  And a great reason to bust out my Ross Simon, Chocolate Diamond Bangle Bracelet I got for my 30th birthday!  Below is a picture of my beloved bracelet.

Again Go Gators and happy Football Season!!!!

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