Sunday, September 26, 2010

An absolutely CRAZY week....

So much like the weeks previous it has been crazy, although I think this one takes the cake.  Work as usual was busy Monday through Thursday were just filled with the normal craziness of work, appointments and proposals, orders with missing items, events, all the norm.  I have been extremely tired and getting easily winded but was just blaming everything on it being hot and the fact that I am entering my third trimester of pregnancy.  Wednesday, I stop by my nurse friend Lori's house, she takes my blood pressure because I am not feeling 100%, my bp is 168/94, high for sure but the only high BP of my pregnancy.  I call the doctor they tell me to watch it, which I do, it is fine.  I have my parent's bring their blood pressure cuff because we don't have one, theirs is a little machine, it also takes your pulse that the same time, I do it once while they are still here, my pulse is like 97, Dad makes comment about that being high, I ignore.  Friday comes, I go into my office as normal for Friday, I see several of my co-workers who are now convinced that there is no way I am holding this baby in until December, I see the HR Director and she tells me let's go ahead and get all your paper work filled out, just in case.  I go to a few meetings, one of my co-workers looks at me and ask, "what happened to your eye?"  Confused I say I don't know, I then go to the bathroom to look at it, oh there it is busted blood vessels in my right eye with a pool of blood in my eye, it grosses me out just thinking about it.  I have this odd feeling in my chest of my heart pounding, one of my admins convinces me to call the doctors office, I do, they have an appointment in an hour for me.  I go there, they take my BP, it is fine, they take my pulse it is 120...they are concerned, they listen to my heart and count the beats, 120.  Confused they consult, they think it might be thyroid, that would cause a racing heart.  They draw blood, then send me home for bed rest for the weekend.  The bad part is Rich and I were supposed to be in Gainesville at the sorority house as the fill in house parents not to mention we have tickets to the football game on Saturday.  So much to my disappointment there is no Gainesville trip, no football game, no sorority stuff, nothing this weekend but a few crafts and the couch, I am not excited about that at all.  So until Monday, I am just waiting to figure out what is wrong and what they are doing about it.  Let's hope this isn't the beginning of pre-eclymsia which is what I had with Jolie only I was 34 weeks when I got it with her not 27 like I am now.  Will keep you posted!

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