Sunday, February 27, 2011

Life as a working Mom of 2

Okay, things have been quite busy and down right crazy in the Perillo House. I went back to work on the 16th and when I was working while pregnant and the Mom of one I had a pretty good routine going and it was working for me. My plate felt pretty full but I was managing and getting everything done with little issue well now I am officially a working Mom of two and I have to admit it hasn't been easy. First off I am just so tired....Avery's colic is pretty much gone now and her night time screaming is mild now in comparison and she is sleeping 5-6 hour stretches which is great but I am still getting up every 3 hours to pump so the really isn't any night that I get a "good night's sleep". I am trying to be sure that I pump enough everyday for her to eat and still keep adding to my freezer supply and it is a lot of work. I pump 3 times a day while at work which means I do it in my car in whatevr random, quiet parking lot I can find on the road and there have been a couple days I have either strapped my pump on wrong and leaked or spilt breast milk down my leg and I have had to see customers with a wet leg so that has been interesting. I have worked late two nights and had the Mommy guilt really hit me as I have been away from my children for more than twelve hours at a time. I have gotten in the groove of menu planning and still use sales and coupons to do well on that front and I only grocery shop once per week to keep me sane for the week, so that is good. The worst part is getting everyone ready and out the door in the mornings feels so crazy....two different drop offs for the kids is not easy but we are getting there. I have started showering at night to save time in the mornings and I pick out everyone's clothes at night as well to save valuable morning time but I still can't make it out the door in the mornings in time unless I get up by 6 am at the latest and start my day with a pump and a feeding of Avery. Jolie has been getting up in the middle of the night too so it feels like I never sleep, that explains the tiredness I think. Work itself is going well, it is really busy so at least I know I am leaving my babies for good money. The moral of this story is working while being Mommy to two little girls isn't easy but slowly aim getting in the groove and I know it won't always be like this but for now I am just going to be tired! Thank goodness for my wonderful husband who is totally in this with me, he has been amazing, short of pumping/feeding which he just can't do for me he has helped me with anything and everything I have needed and for that I am forever grateful. We really are a team and we are conquering life with two small daughters together!

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