Friday, April 1, 2011

It was way worse than I thought....

So yesterday I wrote a some what light hearted post about the weather and my hatred of rain on work days. When I wrote that post I had no idea what the day would be like, I didn't realize we would end up getting more than 5 inches of rain or that there would be tornados all over the place, including one that it my office/warehouse. That's right folks, my office where I sometimes work from was hit by a tornado and part of the roof was ripped off and then it proceeded to rain inside the building, the good news: no one was injured, the bad news it hit our POS department and no that doesn't stand for piece of **it, it stands for Point of Sale, which is where we house things like display racks, coupons, case cards, bar accessories, so it wasn't just cases of booze that were damaged. The crazy part was I was suppose to go there and pick up a few things my friend/supplier left for me from that very department but I decided I would wait til today to go because I didn't want to go in the rain or fight the traffic, guess God was truly looking out for me, it is amazing the danger he can keep us out of. I stayed fairly safe for the day but I will say it was not my best selling day zas so many accounts were busy dealing with their own rain/water issues. But it was certainly safety first in The Perillo House, including when my Mom went to get Jolie from school because she has an Expedition that sits high up and Rich struggled to leave work as the area he works in floods easily so that was an adventure all it's own for Rich. My parent's street flooded the worst it has in years but it worked out and we were all safe with no property damage, can't be any luckier than that. Although my heart goes out to those with damage or injuied, you will be in my prayers.

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