Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday

So yesterday (Black Friday) marked the busiest shopping day of the year....actually I think it really started Thanksgiving Day since so many of the stores openned sometime last night, what is that by the way anyways?? I am just not sure a holiday that is all about thanks and giving should be cluttered with crazy amounts of shopping and the brawls that in sue. Rich and I watched the news yesterday morning to hear some of the craziest stories of pepper spray, fights, traffic jams and just thought it can't be worth it to save $100 on a TV.

I thought for a short time that a little Black Friday shopping would be fun, I mean after all I was up, the kids were sleeping, and Walmart started their sale at 10 pm. Walmart is two minutes from our house so I left here about 9:45 pm. I arrived to a packed parking lot but I proceeded in the store. When I walked in there were police officers taking people out in handcuffs, apparently there was a fight shortly before my arrival, this was the first major sign this was a horrible idea. I walked around, there were no carts so I would have to carry anything I purchased, not the end of the world but another sign I should be running home. I proceeded to look around, watching people literally jumping in to grab items off pallets as the Walmart employees unwrapped them at their assigned sale time, it was a zoo. I had grabbed a few things for the girls but nothing amazing or must have and thought it was time to check out. Headed for the checkout I suddenly realize the checkouts literLly stretch from the front of the store to the back. I put down my things go home and vow to Rich I will never do this again.

So I went to my Mom's house with Avery around 10am to sort through the gifts we had already bought and figure out what else we might need. We decided about 12:30 pm tp venture to Babies R Us which I have to admit was easy and we found a few things for Avery for her Birthday and Christmas. We then went to Target which again wasn't bad. I did the bulk of my shopping there and found some great things including all the little cootie games for $3.99 each, games like Ants in the Pants, Don't Spill the Beans, and Don't Break the Ice....Jolie will love those I'm sure. We then did a quick run through BJ's for a few additions. So other than maybe two more things for Avery I am done, I managed to get some great deals on Black Friday but spared myself the late night crazies. All and all I am thrilled with my purchases and I am ready to ring in the holiday season and we will have a busy one with Avery's Birthday, work, Holiday get togethers, and just holiday times. Happy start to the Holiday Season!!!!!

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