Sunday, November 6, 2011

Grocery Trip

So as I have mentioned a time or two on the blog I am super into saving money and couponing and I have been working really hard on saving money on our food budget.  I just feel as though the price of food has gotten out of control so I am doing my part to keep our budget in line.  So I went this morning to our local Publix armed with 32 different coupons, a list, no children (thank you Rich!!!), and the mind set that I was going to do GREAT!!!

I have to say I did quite well, so here is a recap of what I bought and what I saved, I will try to link up a few coupons that are still on line for printing as well if it will help anyone else.

Tampa Tribune $1.00
St. Pete Times $0.75
(there are great coupons this week so that was a must, will get extras from my Mom and Grandma so that I have the multiples I might need)

(2) Goya Spanish Rice $1.99 used 2 $0.55 off coupons from use zip code 33634.
Total $2.88 for two.

(2) Lays Kettle Chips at 2 for $5.00 on sale

(1) Act Mouth Wash used 1 $1.00 off coupon for the SS a few weeks back.

(4) Green Giant Can Corn, BOGO at $1.25 for 2.
Total $2.50 for 4 cans ($0.63 each).

(2) Swanson's Chicken Broth BOGO at $2.69 for 2 used $1.00/2 coupon.
Total $1.69 for 2 ($0.845)

(2) Canada Dry Ginger Ale BOGO at $1.89 for 2 used $0.50/2 coupon from
Total $1.39 for 2 ($0.695 each)

(1) Ziplock Gallon Bags at $2.15
(1) Ziplock Quart Bags at $2.15
       used $1.50/2 from reward.
       used $1.00/2 from the Yellow Publix Flyer (you can find it at the front of your store with the weekly ad).
Total $1.80 for 2 ($0.90 each) GREAT DEAL!!!

(2) Zehyperhills Sparkling Water at $0.99 each.  Used BOGO coupon from newspaper about a month ago
Total $0.99 for 2 ($0.495)

(1) Garnier Hairspray at $3.49.  Used $1.00 off from RP (not sure which week).
Total $2.49.

(4) Sprout Organic Baby Food at $0.99 each
        used BOGO Coupon from Publix Yellow Flyer
        used Buy 3 get 1 Free Coupon from, not there any longer, hope you printed!
Total $1.98 for 4 ($0.495 each) GREAT DEAL!!!

(1) 2 Pack GE Halogen Light Bulbs at $4.79.  Used $1.50/1 from (remember this only works if your store takes Target Coupons as a Competitor)
Total $3.29.

(2) Kraft Mayo  BOGO at $4.49 for 2.  Used 2 peelies on jars for $0.35/1.
Total $3.79 for 2 ($1.895 each).

(15) Beechnut Baby Food Jars at $0.57 each.  Used $1.85/15 from
Total $6.70 for 15 ($0.447 each)

(2) Publix Singles Cheese at 2/$5.00.  Used 2 $1.00/1 Any Brand Cheese from
Total $3.00 for 2 ($1.50 each)

(1) Mission Tortilla at $2.69.  Used $1/1 that I found on the printable coupon section of
Total $1.69.

2 Large Green Peppers at $1.49/lb for a total of $1.97

(2) Bags of Baby Carrots at 4/$5.00 for a total of $2.50

(1) 5lb Bag of Idaho Potatoes at 2/$5.00 for a total of $2.50

(2) Country Crock Butter BOGO at $2.15 for 2.  Used 2, $0.40/1
Total $1.35 for 2 ($0.675 each)

(2) TGIF for 1 BOGO at $3.69 for 2.
2, $1/1 that I printed on-line somewhere.
1. $1/1 from Publix Yellow Flyer
Total $0.69 for 2 ($0.345 each)

(3) Ore Ida Fries at $2.79 each.
Buy 2 get 1 free from Publix Yellow Flyer
$1/1 from the Veteran's Day Salute On-line, find the link at, it only let me print 1, otherwise I would have used 3 of them!!!
Total $4.58 for 3 ($1.53 each)

(6) Green Giant Steamers BOGO at $2.79 each.
2, $0.75/3 from
Total $6.87 for 6 ($1.15 each)  This is a GREAT deal for close to fresh veggies that taste good and cook fast!

(2) Zatarain Frozen Entrees BOGO at $2.99
$1/2 coupon from on-line somewhere, I forget! :(
Total $1.99 for 2 ($0.98 each)

(2) Pillsbury Cookie Dough at 3/$6.00
$1/2 coupon from
Total $3.00 ($1.50 each)

(1) Sargento Shredded Cheese at $3.99.
$0.55/1 from $1/1 from the Veteran's Day Salute On-line, find the link at

And that's it so in case you weren't keeping track....that is a total of $149.75 in groceries for $74.45 out of pocket, plus I used a coupon for a FREE $10.00 gift card for spending $50.00 at Publix coupon so I have $10 left to use next week to help me then as well!!!  That is a total savings of 49.7%!!!!  That was a GREAT trip to Publix and I have one more stop to make at Target for the week for a Free Loaf of Bread (coupon came in the mail) and Baby Formula (of course I have a coupon for that too!!!)

Happy Saving, hope this helps!!!


  1. I got the two TGIF entrees for .69 too! I don't normally buy that type of stuff but the coupons were too good to pass up! I am not super into couponing bc of time constraints (and I always have to take my kids shopping too) but I do love for their match ups. Makes it so easy!

  2. Aja I totally agree with the match ups from, it makes life so much easier. Time for deal searching is in short supply for me but I just can't over pay for anything! I even found a coupon on yesterday for $3 off a womens clothes purchase of $10 or more so I got myself a cute little t-shirt for $8, not bad!