Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas Cards

So I can't believe it is already time for Christmas cards. I have to admit the year has flown by. But I have even impressed myself and today we took our family Christmas card pictures and I have already placed the order and they will be here in 7 days or less. I have to admit this is one of the first years I will be completely done with cards before December 1st. I will say I was motivated by a sale at and I was able to get 40 cards printed with photos on the front and a color printed message on the back for under $25. The cards are really pretty and the photos came out pretty good considering one of our subjects is not quite 11 months old and isn't very good at sitting still. Once the cards arrive I will post a preview even though most people that read this will be getting one in the mail around the first week in December. By the way I love Vista Print, I have been using them for years for birthday invitations for the kids. They seem to always be having a sale right when I need them. I got Avery's birthday invitations from there for under $10 because they had a sale and I had a credit from Avery's baptismal invitations because they arrived past their scheduled arrival day even though it was fine because I had plenty of time but hey I will always take a credit!

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