Thursday, February 3, 2011

And the sounds of screaming have gone away.....

Okay I don't want to jinx myself but we have officially experienced two nights of a non-screaming baby!!! I am not quite sure how exactly that gripe water stuff works but it is working and I am not questioning it! I will continue to post about Avery's mood as I am not sure that you all care but one day my kids will have kids and like I do to my Mom I am sure they will ask me if they did whatever and then what I did but unlike my Mom I have this written record and won't be relying on my memory because my Mom's famous words when I ask her is "I don't remember". Come on Mom, where is your blog from when I was a kid....oh wait there wasn't even Internet way back then, ha ha!

On to the day at hand today, I have a big sorority meeting this weekend in Gainesville and I have tons of information to put into folders for the meeting so while Avery sleeps today I will be printing from the computer and compiling all the paperwork. This afternoon Avery and iwill beheaded to Publix to pickup a few bogo's that start today and then most importantly we will be picking up some stamps so I can mail out Avery's birth announcements and I have to say they are so freaking cute, I love them, be looking in your mailboxes soon, maybe Saturday or Monday depending.

On a quick Jolie update....she is still in NC with my parents and loving it! It isn't snowing now and most of what they had has melted, however, the forecast is calling for snow possibilities Friday and Saturday. Saturday is my Dad's 60th Birthday so it will be awesome if they can play in the snow for that and then they will be heading home on Monday. I miss her and I am ready for her to come home!!!

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