Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Colic Report

I am beginning to consider myself somewhat of an expert on the colic topic.....I have researched like crazy, I have read tons of studies and doctor's articles and recommendations. And with my new self appointed expert status I have to say my child is in her third day of being cured...that's right folks it is working!!! Avery is a very happy camper, she is pooping more regularly, her stomach is smaller and softer, she is just overall happier, it is truly amazing! I honestly couldn't be more thrilled that my baby is finally happier.

In other news Jolie is home and so super excited! Rich is probably as excited as Jolie that she is back, I even took her up to his work yesterday after she got home so they could see each other. It is a great feeling to have my entire family back under one roof! I was so happy to see Jolie yesterday, I really missed her!

Today, Avery and I are going to get Valentine's gifts for the kids and to run a few errands. Then tomorrow I am going to lunch with my Mom and for a little shopping while my Dad watches Avery, that will be really fun!

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