Monday, February 7, 2011

Colic Update

So I might shoot myself tonight if I jinx myself by posting this but I am going todo it as this blog cronicles the events of our lives. Last night was perfect, it was quite and we currently have a very happy baby and even better a happy, well rested Mommy. I know everyone is just dying to know what I did so here it is. During my many restless hours over the last several nights I googled "cures for colic" we started with the first few things we saw the gripe water and mylicon, when those didn't work out too well I kept digging and that is when I found it. The "it" was some research about colic and it's causes, this particular research says that colic is caused by the lack of good bacteria in the baby's digestive track. It list several reasons for the lack of the bacteria one being c-sections because this bacteria normally gets passed on from the mother during the time spent in the birth canal during delivery, obviously since Avery was never in the birth canal it would make sense that she was lacking this. So the article suggest some very specific probiotics to fix the problem....I don't have the bottle in front of me as it has to be kept in the fridge but it is from Nature's Way and is for children from birth to five years old. You mix the powder with liquid and give it to them just once a day. It was so far the best $15.99 I have ever spent!!!! I am hoping this will continue to help her, it has only been since yesterday but so far this stuff is liquid gold and if they are looking for a spokeswomen for the product I am their girl! More updates to follow as we progressthroughevery parent's nightmare....the horrors of colic, it really is an awful expiernce, I really didn't know that until having a child with colic, it is not only awful for your child but for the parents as well there is nothing worse than seeing your child sick/uncomfortable, screaming and there is nothing that you are doing to make it better, it really is heart wrenching for the parents.

In unrelated children news Jolie will be home around lunch time, I am so excited to see her, I feel like she has been gone so long, I just know she has grown and change and matured a ton and I have missed it and I don't want to miss those things.

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