Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just please don't cry....

Okay this is a follow up to my seris of post yesterday....

Last night 10 pm came and poor little Avery began to scream at the top of her lungs again, ready to pull my own hair out I remembered the comment left on my post yesterday from a friend about gripe water helping with both colic and fussiness, I figure Avery has at least one of those so I sent Rich on an emergency Walmart run to get some. He quickly returns with gripe water in hand and we quickly give our screaming child the recommended dose. I will say she quit screaming at the stop of her lungs almost instantly, it went to more of a light whine but at least it wasn't ear piercing. She fell asleep and then did a little up and down in the early sleep and only slept in three hour sretches but at least it wasn't the full on top of the lungs screaming we were previously experiencing. We will be trying the gripe water again this evening but as Rich and I discussed we will be giving it earlier in the evening to try to prevent the nightly screaming. If there are any other ideas out there I am up for those too, I will try anything at this point, knowing I only have two weeks til I go back to work and I feel like the walking dead and I only have one of my children here and I am not working, wow this mother of two thing might be more difficult than once thought.

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  1. That's how Holder was with gripe water! We would give it to him about 20 minutes before his normal fussy time and it would cut it down from about an hour to less than 20 minutes. Hang in there momma! Thinking of you!