Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Avery's 2 Month Check-up

So as a part of my last day of maternity leave I took Avery for her 2 month doctor's appointment. Dr. Anton says that she looks great, she is a big girl, and he assured me the colic will subside (it is getting better but we still do nightly screaming). He says her tear duct that was clogged looks much better and to just keep massaging it daily. For the colic he says continue with the probiotics and know we are doing the right thing. She got two shots and the oral roto virus vaccine, we follow the recommendations of the Americian Association of Pediatrics so we don't space our shots.

Here are her measurements:
Weight: 13lbs. 2oz., 96th percentile
Height: 24 inches, 96th percentile
Head Circumference: 15.75 inches, 83rd percentile

On the 17th I will write her 2 month post....

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