Monday, February 14, 2011

So I don't forget....

I just want to quickly blog this so that I don't forget.

This year I bought little Monkey Valentine's for Jolie to take to school to hand out to all her friends.  Her school just has you send enough for the class with the from filled in but not the to so that they can just quickly pass them around plus as far as I am concerned it is a million times easier on the parent.  So I decided that since Jolie has gotten really good at writing her own name she could fill them in with my supervision and assistance so I had picked up the package of Valentine's weeks ago because I wanted to be sure she had the cutest ones possible and I know the stores get picked over the longer you wait so I figured once she got home from North Carolina I would have her fill in a couple every night, well the week got away from me and we didn't fill any in so that meant all of them had to get done after dinner last night.  Well I have to say Jolie was amazing, she gladly wrote her name on all 20 plus her 2 teacher cards and then even helped me tape onto each Valentine a lollipop treat and put them in the Ziploc bag to take to school.  She was very excited to take the cards into school this morning, showing them off along the way.  In other Valentine's info we also had to make a box for her Valentine's so I got out an old Stride Rite and wrapped it in hot pink paper and then used scrapbook letters to write out her name on the top by the slot and then we put a few heart stickers on it as well, I think I will save the box when it comes home today as this took Mommy a while to complete yesterday morning, I know it sounds easy but it still was time consuming as I am a little bit of a perfectionist, I can't help it!!

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