Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to the "Normal" Schedule

Well, it is official, the Perillo Family is back to the "normal" schedule, well as normal as things ever get with my crazy job, a three year old, and a baby on the way.  But Rich went back to school today, I couldn't really tell this morning if he was excited or not.  I think he kind of is and kind of isn't, I think he starts to get a little bored not working everyday but at the same time it is nice to have some down time but all that is over!  Jolie's first day of school at the Montessori is today so she has a new lunch box, of which she told everyone on the way into school that she had a new one and she was ready for school this morning, she even wanted to go to school yesterday, it is so cute, she really loves her school!  For me it just means that my mornings get a little crazier since Rich is now going to be pressed to get out of the house every morning.  But I have to say I am glad to get back to the normal and will be happy to see summer end as the heat of this summer is killing me, glad that when I am huge pregnant it won't be this hot, well hopefully not at least!

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