Thursday, August 5, 2010

Update and Countdown

I will start with the countdown because it is more exciting than the update, we have exactly 1 day until our big 20 week ultrasound where we should find out the sex of Baby Perillo II.  I have to say I am really excited about it.  I just can't wait to know the sex of the baby, I feel like it is just so important.  Even Rich says this is when it makes it so real for him, knowing what we are having and being able to call it by name.  We have talked and talked about names and have for sure decided on a boy name but the girl name is still in a little bit of limbo so once we know the sex we will finalize the name selection and share it with the world.  I have to say with Jolie I just knew she was a girl, well I may have even willed her to be a girl, I wanted a girl so badly it wasn't even funny, I would go on all the Chinese Birth Calender websites and everything and they all kept saying Boy and I would cry because I wanted a girl so badly, I know it is absurd but I blame it on the pregnancy hormones.  But this time I just don't have a "feeling" like I did with Jolie and so much of the Old Wives Tales point to Boy but the Chinese Birth Calender says Girl so I am confused.  I would like a boy only because Rich would love a son but at the same time we both love having a daughter so I really feel like either way we will be happy, we just want to get a healthy report tomorrow since this is the ultrasound when a lot of health issues can be discovered.  So wishing for a healthy baby tomorrow and we will see from there about the sex.

Update on the cleaning goes as follows:
I didn't do anything yesterday!!  I know I am bad but I just felt like relaxing and I figured since this is technically my vacation I would go ahead and relax.  I promise today I will be getting back in gear.  I am going to the dollar store and BJ's this morning with my Mom for some random items and then I will be back to cleaning upstairs.  I have to say the downstairs looks GREAT!!  My cousins are coming over this afternoon to see Jolie so that will give me even more time to get stuff done so that will be GREAT too.  So hopefully tomorrow there will be more to update on!

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