Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Painters

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow we have had painters painting the majority of the inside of our house, I am really excited as I know it is going to look amazing and be great preparation for Baby Avery but goodness have we got a huge mess now.  Yesterday they painted all the downstairs and it looks GREAT, we were able to get most the furniture put back into place but we still have stuff to put back, right now it is stacked on the dining room table.  Today they did the stairwell, hallway, and half of Jolie's new room, thus far it looks amazing!!  However, we now have even more to do, I think between all the cleaning out and rearranging and doing the garage I am going to be busy every weekend from here until Avery is born, which is down to a mere 18 weekends total, that is CRAZY, it doesn't seem like nearly enough time to complete everything I have to finish.  We still have to buy a new dresser for our master bedroom, make the guest bath into the "kid's bath", put everything back from the painters, get the carpets cleaned, finish putting together both kid's rooms, reorganize our master closet, clean out and organize the garage, clean out both kid's closets, rearrange all the "office stuff" into baskets that are downstairs since we lost our office with the addition of another child's bedroom, get rid of all the extra clothes that don't fit in our room, the list just goes on and on and only 18 weeks to go, I need to start setting goals and getting on it and putting reminders into, this is urgent!!!  Well maybe I shouldn't freak yet, I had even more going on before Jolie and I still managed to get it all done then, I know it will work out, it will be fine.  But I am getting a little nervous, it just seems a bit overwhelming with a full time job, an active 3 year old, and just the everyday house, wife, and mother duties that I have.

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