Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So for some reason today has not been a good pregnant day, I have just felt very blah and my stomach just isn't quite right, it is kind of like all day morning sickness all over again.  All I know is I hope it goes away quickly.  My lovely husband and sweet daughter have just run off to the store to pick up a few things including some soup and crackers for Mommy, I will be eating that and resting in my bed for most the night.  I sure hope I can actually sleep tonight!!!

In other random news I hired the painter again to paint our Master Bedroom and Bathroom, he will be doing that on Sept. 3rd, which is Friday and then we will have our new adult furniture delivered on Saturday, so excited!!!  We are doing the bedroom and bathroom the same color as downstairs because we like it so much and he cut us a break for using the same color because he had 2 gallons leftover the last time so it worked out perfectly!!

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