Monday, August 30, 2010

Long Night.....

Okay as you can see from my text message post last night it was a horrible, very long night at the Perillo House.  Here is how our evening went....

At 5:30 pm we met my family out for dinner to celebrate all the birthdays we have coming this week...tomorrow is my mom's birthday, Wednesday is my mother in law's birthday, and then Monday the 6th is my husband's birthday.  We had a great time.

At about 7 pm we all came back to our house for Birthday Cupcakes and Cookies that Jolie and I made earlier in the day, everyone left our house about 8 pm.

A little after 8 we put Jolie to bed because we wanted to get her settled in because Rich and I had our Fantasy Football Draft, I had the #1 overall pick so I was very excited and on the clock right at 9 pm when it started.  If anyone cares I selected Chris Johnson, RB Tennessee, the good thing is I preselected him so it was an auto pick for me.

At exactly 9 pm as the Draft went live every smoke detector in our house went off, blaring, uncontrollably, in case anyone wants to know we have 6 smoke detectors in our just under 1700 square foot house, I now think that is an absurd number, way too many.  Well of course Rich and I both spring off the couch and run around trying to figure out what is going on and we go to Jolie who has her head buried in the pillows in her room just crying.  I stay with her, Rich looks for the problem.  Well, I don't think there was a fire as there was no smell and no smoke, just some sort of horrible nightmare.  The blaring stops, thank God, we bring Jolie downstairs so that we can try to continue the draft.  We do so, there are some very loud beeps that quickly stop, Jolie is curled up in my lap shaking.  We keep drafting, then the power goes out, which would be okay since we have laptops that are fully charged but you need power to have wireless Internet.  So Rich's connection is lost, 2 people before his pick.  My computer works because I have an air card, thank goodness, so I am on, Rich opens another screen and gets on to his team, so we continue the draft in the dark on one computer, good thing we didn't have back to back picks.  I get out flashlights, thank goodness I just organized our house and actually know where all flash lights are located!  I then make not one but two trips to Walmart for 2 packages of 9 Volt batteries in hopes of fixing the sporadic beeping of smoke detectors.  We replace the batteries in our room and Jolie's new room with the first set, things are quite for about 10 minutes.  Then the sporadic beeping starts again....I go to Walmart again and we replace the batteries in the smoke detectors downstairs and in Avery's room, we had just replaced the batteries in the two in the hallway a couple of months ago.  The power comes back at about 10:45 pm, Jolie is VERY happy as she doesn't understand why the TV doesn't work.  We get her in her bed with Rich, she isn't letting him leave.  They lay down, her smoke detector beeps, I go in, Rich resets.  We all get back in bed, 10 minutes pass and it beeps again, I get up, go in Jolie's room, Rich is standing on her bed resetting and Jolie is also standing on the bed giving Rich instructions.  We all go back to bed, it is almost midnight.  The beep happens again, I go in Jolie's room, Rich is now removing the smoke detector from the ceiling, unplugging the hard wire, he takes it down, it beeps, he removes the battery, it is still beeping....confused...Rich takes the smoke detector and puts in on the back porch, wrapped in three pool towels as it keeps beeping.  We all finally go to bed and get some rest, Rich spends entire night in Jolie's bed. 

My Dad is coming today to try to solve the mystery but right now we are down to 5 smoke detectors and Jolie will tell anyone who will listen that it beeps when it is dark, I am sure this is going to make for a GREAT time putting her to bed for awhile.  Thank you crazy smoke detectors, any suggestions let me know and I will keep you posted.

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