Thursday, August 19, 2010

Never a Dull Moment

So after a weekend away in Gainesville visiting the sorority house and making a few last minute touches for recruitment I returned home.  I came in kissed the hubby and daughter and then began doing a couple of things as our house still looks like a bomb went off after the painting last week.  Well I am in the kitchen over near where the garbage can is and I see a line on the wall that appears to be some sort of water mark, so I look around and that is when I look up, to see ripples in the top of the wall, obviously this is some sort of water leak, I think about what is above this spot upstairs.  Rich and I then decide it is the AC, it has to be, there is also a bathroom upstairs near there but we rarely use it, Jolie will have that as her bathroom after this weekend when we finish her move to her new room.  So we discover upstairs that yes we are correct, it is the AC, the drain must have gotten clogged and overflowed soaking the carpet and thus leaking downstairs, so we of course call my Dad, he really is the best handy man I know, he comes with the wet/dry vac and a coat hanger, he unclogs the drain and begins helping us empty the linen closet and Jolie's closet which are both wet on the bottom and sucking up what seems like buckets and buckets of water.  What a great way to return home!!  We have the AC guy (friend of Dad's) coming today to blow the whole drain line out and the painter will be back in about a week to fix the downstairs wall damage, what a pain!  But I guess it could have been worse, my Aunt had the same thing happen in her Chicago Condo while on vacation and it did over $20,000 of damage to her beautiful hardwood floors, we were lucky!

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