Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Well Visit

This morning I took Jolie to the doctor for her 3 year old well check up, I know I am way behind but it isn't entirely my fault.  Right after her 3rd birth day she had a couple of colds and then we were on vacation and then when I tried to schedule her appointment they were very full because of back to school so today it was.  I have to say she did great, it started with her having a conversation with Dr. Anton about her new big girl room and her big bed, then she told him about her baby sister Avery, and then about her school, it was so cute, she is just so grown up, it is crazy.  So I don't forget her stats here they are:
She weights 35 lbs and is in the 78th percentile, she is 38 inches tall and in the 68th percentile (this is the first time she wasn't in the 90 something percentile but Dr. Anton says that is fine and that she will still probably be very tall and should be hitting a growth spurt soon), and she is in the 79th percentile for BMI.  She got one vaccine and did amazing, she didn't even cry at all and was excited about the band aid she got, it was cute!  Here is her picture at the doctor's office.

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