Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Vacation update, well more like housework update!

So here is the update to what got done yesterday.....
1.  Deep cleaned from top to bottom except floors of downstairs bathroom (I am doing floors today, I am borrowing my parent's steam clearer).
2.  Cleaned kitchen, including two cabinets and even orange glowed all the cabinet fronts (today I am going to clean all the decorative stuff on the top of the cabinets).
3.  Straightened up Jolie's downstairs toys (after her new room is ready a ton of them are going up there, we are going to start getting her to play in her room more now that she is going to have more room and she is getting to be more independent)
4.  Cleaned downstairs, have one small area to finish today (beside and the bottom of the the china cabinet is what is left)

I think I did pretty well as I also went the store and picked paint colors for Jolie's room and got boxes to pack things away for the painters.  Plus I did still take work calls and punched in orders.

I am hoping to get even more down today, the plan is the few things I mentioned above plus the upstairs hallway, linen closet, and laundry room.

Will update again in the morning

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