Thursday, April 7, 2011

31 years ago today......

Where were you 31 years ago today? Not that I remember in the least but 31 years ago today I entered the world the oldest daughter of my parents. Things were different back then, no one went for 20 week ultrasounds to find out the sex of thier child, my Mom didn't get to have ultrasound pictures of me all along the way like I did with my girls, it was almost primative back then, if you weren't high risk you actually had no ultraounds, just some prenatal vitamins and doctor's appointments, you might have taken a a birthing class but many women didn't, most women didn't even breastfeed back then, they honestly believed that formula was better for babies back then. It all seems so crazy, I remember asking my Mom about pregnancy and delivery when I was pregnant with both of my girls and it was then that I realized her expeirence was so different from my expierence with my girls. Crazy to think that 31 years ago today I was a 7 lb. baby girl that was resting happily in my parent's arms for the first time. I can only imagine that much like Rich and I felt the day both of our girls were born it was a great day in my parents life, I wonder what they thought I would be like 31 years later, hopefully I have made them proud over the years.

I started my morning this morning with a 4:20 am feeding with Avery and then a 5 am wake up call from Jolie then it was a quick shower, get dressed, open cards from hubby and children, open my gift of a beautiful tennis bracelet from my hubs and kids I really love it! Then it was a mad dash to get to the office for meetings, then all morning and part of the afternoon then it was orders and what not and then finally home, then off to dinner with the family, my Grandma, Mom, Aunt, Rich, Jolie, Avery, and of course me, it was a very nice dinner and then we came back to our house for my most favorite cake and now the evening is winding day. Rich was amazing at trying to be sure my birthday was special and it was....I loved everything he did but it sure was a long day but nonetheless a great start to my 31st here is to another year, hopefully full of more joy then sorrow.

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