Saturday, April 16, 2011

A little of this, a little of that....

So here it is a Saturday night at 10 pm and while most people, probably even a lot with kids are out on dat nights this is what our family looks like....
Jolie is in bed, Rich read her a story that ended about 30 minutes ago and she is watching a little TV and is either on her way to being passed out or already is.

Rich is downstairs laying on the couch watching some sort of sporting event, I would imagine either hockey or baseball if I had to guess.

Avery is asleep after a long, tummy filling bottle about 15 minutes ago. My goodness is that child an eater!!! She goes for her 4 month doctors appointment on Monday morning and I sure hope he gives us the green light to feed this child real food because she needs that to try to satisfy her appetite!

And then there is me who is sitting in bed, watching Lockup Raw on TV typing this blog post. Wow,this is where I am in life...I use to always have great weekend plans and do all sorts of really fun stuff but unfortunately life has officially happened to me! And to be honest I love it!!! I had a great afternoon/evening with the kids and that is what makes it all worth it! The girls and I were at my Mom's for dinner to celebrate my Grandma's 87th Birthday and it was just fun, both of the girls behaved well and it was enjoyable. I also got to have a great lunch of just "the girls" which was my Grandma, my Mom, my Aunt, and myself. It was so nice to hang with them and tell stories and laugh and have secrets come out and the whole 9 yards, it was such an enjoyable day.

My Aunt has been in town a lot lately but leaves mid day tomorrow, it is going to be odd not having her here for awhile, hopefully she is able to come back and visit again over the summer. Although we are starting to work on the possibility of a big, family get together up in NC at Mom and Dad's cabin for 4th of July next year, that will be GREAT!!!

I am on thei-pad again so excuse any typos...still getting use to this thing and I am starting to feel like my eyes are shutting on their own so I think it is time forme to sign off for the evening.

In closing, I will say my heart goes out to all the tornado victims around the central US and in the South, you are in my thoughts and prayers.... Please stay safe as you begin your clean up effort and know that God will lead you through the rough and muddy waters you now face. May you and your family be together, that is the important part, the rest can always be rebuilt. God Bless and Night, Night!!!!

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