Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Is it a full moon????

Just wondering if there is a full moon going on...such weird things have happened to me over the last few is my list of recent craziness and just all around funny stories!!!

1. This morning I got up, got dressed, I picked up Avery, her boppy pillow, my pump bag and started down the stairs in my super cute kelly green shirt and white skirt. About half way down the stairs I hear Avery have a blowout in her diaper, I don't thing much about it, this happens all the time, she is a 4 month old infant. I get to the bottom of the stairs, I put down the pillow and other things and look down to realize there is poopy on her leg, outside of her diaper, I still don't think too much of this, I grab her extra outfit, put her on her changing table and begin to change her diaper when I realize that not only is poopy on her leg, it is on my green shirt and ALL over my white skirt. So obviously Mommy had to come back upstairs and rework the outfit for the day. I then had to wash out/rinse my clothes and start laundry, not a good start to my morning!

2. Tonight, Rich and I had just finished eating dinner when I noticed our two cats were messing with something on the floor by the dining room table. I walk over there and they take off to half way up the stairs, one of them has something in his month. They get half way up the stairs and stop and play with something. I look...only to realize it is a real large half dead/half alive lizard. I of course immediately insist Rich take care of this situation. Rich gets it way from the cats and throws it out the front door...who knows where that ended up.

So after I re-read my short list of oddball occurrences I have just realized maybe it isn't a full must be some sort of black hole on my staircase, about half way up.

In other news....Rich is surveying his week of Daddy Daycare with the girls although with the exception of Monday he has only ended up having one girl most the day, I will however give him all the credit in the world though because he is handling it all like a champ. The girls are having a great time. Jolie got to spend yesterday with some Daddy time at the playground in the mall plus some arcade time and a little food court lunch while my mother-in-law watched Avery. Then last night Jolie spent the night at my Mom and Dad's house and then this morning Poppy took her to the Aquarium and for a Trolley ride from downtown to Ybor City and back and some lunch and then a nap at Mimi and Poppy's house, she had a great time. Tomorrow the girls will be with Rich all day but I thing the plan is to stick around the house and play. Rich has recently taught Jolie to play Mario Kart on the Wii so I think there maybe some racing in store for them tomorrow. I on the other hand have 2 long, hard, important days ahead of me at work, it is the end of the month, the end of our goal cycle and 1/3 through the final quarter for two of our largest suppliers, needless to say the pressure is on!

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