Saturday, April 9, 2011


*I started this post last night but didn't finish editing it til this morning so it is a little late but still holds true this morning*

My family and I owe the Lord a lot of praises this evening....
As I sit to type this post I am sitting in the hospital next to my almost 87 year old Grandmother who had a pacemaker/defibrillator combo putting in just hours ago and she is truly doing well. It is so amazing the medical advances that we have, where they can go in and put a small, battery operated device and your heart instantly beats better, you feel better and WOW....the Lord worked miracles through not only my Grandma's doctors who successfully implanted the device but the amazing doctors that invented this little device.  We praise the Lord for the blessing that is today and the successful operation.  Thank you to all my friends that sent good wishes to me and my family today we thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Grandma should be going home late Saturday afternoon to finish recovery for the next 10 days to 2 weeks, I pray for a speedy and successful recovery.  I am thankful for all the well wishes of friends and the extra prayers for Grandma, the power of prayer is truly amazing!

Saturday I will be home with both of my girls most of the day and will be using the day to hopefully get caught up on cleaning around the house, although with two young, demanding children by myself it might not be the easiest task.  Rich is going to play golf and then to a friends house to watch the Master's and eat dinner, I am glad he is getting a break but I totally wish I was getting one too!!

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend, will recap our weekend Sunday or Monday.

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