Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The crazy things I've seen lately....

I think I might start a regular post called the crazy things I've seen lately as it seems as though the crazy's have been out in full force is what I saw just yesterday.

1. People on a street corner during rush hour traffic with signs and a megaphone protesting the red light cameras that send out tickets if you run red lights. The signs said things like "one nation under closed circuit television" and they were saying things like "the government wants you to feel safer with red light camaras, do you feel safer because you paid a $300 ticket". Well the ticket isn't $300 and people are better drivers where those camaras are...oh, I digress I forgot to mention in addition to the above mentioned dumbness the was also TV crews out there from every local TV station doing live, on the scene shots, it was ridiculous, by the time all those people were added in the mix there were more TV people than protestors and somehow this made the 5 and 6 o'clock news, must have been a really slow new day!

2. In the worst fashion statement I have seen in a really long time....I was driving through the Publix Parking Lot after picking up Jolie's medicine and I am driving past a laundry mat in the shopping center and walking out the door and across the street is a rather pregnant youg girl wearing a half shirt. I am not lying it was for sure half of a t-shirt (made that way not cut to be that way. So the shirt came to the top of her big, pregnant belly and then there was belly and then the lovely waistband of maternity jeans. I have been pregnant twice, one time rather recently and I would have never thought about wearing a half shirt, I wouldn't even think of it now....craziness!!!!

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