Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Fun....

So after a rocky start to our day with a restless night of sleep our day has turned out to be wonderful!  Avery finally went down for good sleep from about 4 am until about 6:30 am, I think she might be cutting teeth and that might have been what lead us to a restless night and thus my 3 am post, hopefully my post makes sense, I might have to go back and re-read and thus edit so that it sounds normal as opposed to the sleep deprived rambling rant that I sure it is.  Anyways, enough of that and on to our really nice Saturday. 

This morning around 8am, Rich and the girls followed me to the car repair shop and I dropped my car off for an oil change, tire rotation, new windshield wiper blades, etc, the place was having a special so it actually wasn't that expensive so that was a pleasant surprise.  Then we came home and Rich went over to my Grandma's house to mow her lawn and trim a bush for her, he goes there for this almost weekly if not every other week to help her and I think it is really nice of him.  Then Rich came home and watched the girls and I was able to take my Mom out for a nice lunch, just the two of us as a little "thank you for all you do to help me" lunch, needless to say a simple lunch can't even begin to describe all I owe her for but at least she knows that I am grateful for the help and that I value her as so much more than my Mom these days.  I think my Mom has become my best friend over the years since I have become a mother myself I find myself asking for her opinion more than ever and I take her advice to heart anytime she offers it.  After a nice lunch we ran into Walmart to try and find Jolie a few school/play clothes as she is changing sizes and the weather is warming up, we weren't very successful as it appears there are tons of other children her size that beat us to the 5T clothes, oh well, a trip to the Target might be in order for tomorrow.  After that she dropped me at the car repair to pick up my car, it was ready to roll again!  Then we came home and I packed up Jolie's little "Going to Grandma's" suitcase and off she went with Mimi for a sleepover.  I packed her little bathing suit as well and she had a great time swimming at my parent's house with them so that's cool.  Jolie truly loves the time she spends with my parents, it is so nice to see as I fondly remember sleepovers at my Grandparent's house as a child as well, I love that Rich and I have decided to for go career moves to stay near family, it is honestly worth so much more than the financial rewards of a job far away from all of this.

Not long after Jolie left, Rich left as well to take his Mom to the Baltimore O's Baseball Game as they are in town playing the Rays, the O's won last night on opening night but for Rich's delight I sure hope the O's can win again tonight!  So that leaves Avery and I home alone for the evening.  So I feed her, made myself some dinner, we did some Avery tummy time, she sat in her Bumbo for the first time and now is taking a little snooze in her boppy on the couch next to me as I type this post to tell all you folks about our day. 

The pregame view from Rich's seats at the Baseball game, he sent it to me on the blackberry already, got to love technology.

This was Avery's first time in the boppy!

After writing all this our day doesn't sound like much but I have to tell you after the super busy weekend we had last weekend this was just what the Perillo's need, a slow paced, nice day!  Tomorrow will be a chill day as well, after going to church in the morning Jolie and I will be grocery shopping and doing a BJ's run and then it will be cleaning the house and then unfortunately that will be the end of our weekend and we will be getting ready to do another work week.  It will again be a busy week as I turn 31 on Thursday and then my Grandma has heart surgery on Friday and my Aunt flies in Thursday afternoon to be with Grandma.  So I will be taking the day off on Friday to be with her and my family so the other four days in the work week are sure to prove extremely busy. 

I also have to get a ton of pictures posted to the blog this week, it might end up being a slide show of stuff as I have so many things to share but it is a priority of mine for the week to get it done!  I did however include a few pictures of our day today just to show you Baby Avery really is getting SO big, SO quickly!  And just so you know I am serious about more pictures below are a few that were on my Blackberry, I will download from the regular camera one day this week, maybe tomorrow if I get a few minute.

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