Thursday, April 21, 2011

Random Pictures from my Blackberry and Camera

So I haven't uploaded pictures from my phone in awhile and I decided to do so this morning and I know I haven't posted many pictures lately because I have been on the I-Pad and to be honest pictures is one of the things I haven't mastered on the I-Pad yet, so for your viewing pleasure random pictures with a few random stories....

The above picture was taken on March 21st by my husband Rich while I was working as a little pick me and make me smile, it did that well, she is just so darn cute!!

The above picture was taken on March 19th right after I came home from the mall and discovered my new obsession, babies in big hair bows, I just love it!  I think she is so cute anyways but add in a giant bow that makes her look like a little gift and I could just eat her up!!

The above picture was taken on March 20th because I wanted to capture how super cute my little baby was on that day and any other day for that matter, it was just the Mom thing to do!!

This picture was taken at my parents house the day of the CRAZY storm that including a tornado that hit my warehouse/office where I work.  That was on March 31st, I even sent it to the local news channel and they used it on TV and their website, by the way where all that water is there is normally my parent's street!!

Again just a random picture because like any Mom I think my baby is the cutest!!

This is the worst, most unflattering picture of me but I am sharing it because it was a Monday that Jolie was helping me in the kitchen, she really loves that as you can see from the big smile on her face.  I was actually teaching her to use a knife and I have to say she did amazingly well, it is just amazing how fast she is growing up!

I took this picture last Sunday as the girls were laying in our bed in our master bedroom in their PJ's.  They had such a good time just playing in there.  For anyone that knows me well you know that I love my bed and thing that it is literally headquarters for my house.  I do so much from there including work, phone calls, play with my kids and then of course the normal bed stuff as well but it is for sure my favorite place to be!!

I took this picture of the sky as I drove to see my friend Sarah on Sunday morning.  The writing is upside down and hard to read but it says "Jesus Loves U" and I just thought on a day that beautiful and heaven sent it was such a fitting message and I wanted to share.

This was taken Monday night as Avery got her first taste of rice cereal that she absolutely loved!!

Now that was the end of the phone pics and then I got motivated and decided to include a few from the camera as well, here are those.
This picture was from our no kids allowed date day in March.  We didn't get to squeeze one into the month of April but we have one planned for Derby Day in May, I still have to go shop and get a dress and hat for Derby Day but I am really excited about that one, thanks to my parents monthly date days are possible and it is great for Rich and I to spend some alone time doing fun stuff.

This picture is from my Grandfather's 90th Birthday party that we threw at the end of March, this is a picture with his grand kids and of course his oldest Great Granddaughter.

Again from the 90th Birthday Party my Grandfather with his 3 children.

Poppy and his granddaughters, he loves them and they just adore him!!

This is from Avery's Christening at the end of March.

This is Avery with her God Parents, Parents, and Big Sister.

Me and Avery blowing out the candles on my 31st Birthday cake!

My Grandmother from last weekend when we celebrated her 87th Birthday!  Her actual birthday is on Easter Sunday.

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