Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Late Night/Early Morning Rants

So after re-reading my last few post written on my I-Pad in the wee hours of the day I have decided that might not be the best time for me to be writing....1. I have tons of errors in grammar and spelling, particly because of the I-Pad and then the rest I blame on the time of day and lack of sleep, while my spelling is marginal at best it is better than it appears in those post. And 2. I go on and on and on and just rant constantly, this I blame entirely on the lack of sleep and thus lack of ability to actually communicate.

So tonight I am writing this post before 9 pm, although it might not be much better as I am whipped and keep wondering why it isn't Friday yet because it feels as though it should be. I have just had an emotionally draining week. As Rich and I ate dinner tonight we discussed those 2-3 hours of Jolie's hands being really bad yesterday felt like an entire day, having a sick child is awful. I think I was having flashbacks of when Jolie was in the hospital for a week when she was 15 months old. The good news is the medicine she is on is working like a charm and her hands are so much better. She stayed home with my parents today just in case but she was fine and even got sent to time out for taking a book that was my Mom's and when Mom asked for it she ran off, around the house and my Mom chased her to retrieve it. As I envision that in my head it makes me chuggle but she did need a time out.

Work was busy today and I had a ride with but it was much less crazy than yesterday so that made things better....thank goodness!

Since I am so tired and Jolie is in bed already and Avery looks tired I think I had better take this opportunity to quit writing and get things done and to bed before someone wakes up and needs me in the middle of the night. Nite, nite!!!!

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