Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just thoughts as I am thinking them.....

So today's post is just going to be full of the random thoughts in my head for today.....

1. I have one of the worst headaches ever today, like seriously pounding! I even stopped at a 7-11 for BC powder, it is slightly better. Although I credit part of the better to the slur-pee I also picked up at 7-11.

2. Rich has officially coined a new baby related term, although not one you should say around your pre-schooler. It is "shit belt". This refers to what happens when your baby has such a big poop that it comes up the diaper and oozes out around their waist, thus creating a "shit belt". I know those of you reading this that have kids know what I am talking about and those that don't have children yet are horrified. Honestly, we should all be horrified at this scenario but it is apart of life and at least one that we can laugh at to make it a little better. By the way Avery has had 2 "shit belt" inncidents, one involved Rich who was home alone with the kids cutting her outfit off with to laugh!

3. 4 year old birthday parties are a lot of drama....we are currently planning Jolie's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, thank goodness they serve beer that will be my saving grace. But onto the drama, everyday this week Jolie has come home from school telling Rich and I who is and is not coming to her birthday changes daily based on playground dramas, too funny. In case you are wondering, the whole class is invited, although deep down I hope they don't all show up as we have to pay for the party based on the number of children that show up! I think that might be the worst bad-Mommy thing I have said all week but it's true!

4. Making an Easter basket for a 4 month old is difficult, there isn't much good stuff in the Target Dollar Spot for a baby but there is a ton there for an almost 4 year little girl. So I had to break down this morning and figure this out so we didn't have one child with nothing from The Bunny. So I opted for things we needed for her like teething rings and spoons for baby food, not exciting but practical, hopefully this doesn't scar her for life. Jolie on the other hand has a ton of fun stuff, even a really cute bunny egg toss thing that has Velcro bunny mitts with a plush egg thing...too cute plus some bubbles, coloring books and fun little stacking crayons. I know she will love it! I also got her a Bearenstien Bear's DVD about Spring.

5. I worked a 12 hour day yesterday and I feel it today, besides the headache I just feel sluggish....not fun. Leaving the house before 7 am just messes with me and for that matter so does returning from work after 7 pm. Thank goodness today was a lighter day then yesterday!

6. Rich's back is hurting him really bad this week and I feel so bad for him as he just looks like he is dying....I even had to put the leash on the dog for him this morning so he didn't have to bend unnecessarily. He is at the chiropractor's office this afternoon, hope it helps as next week is Spring Break and he is on Mr. Mom duty for the week with both girls, I think he will be ready to go back to work after a week of that!

I think that is all I have floating in my head this afternoon....will keep you posted of additional thoughts later.

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