Saturday, April 23, 2011

Daddy's Afternoon Off

So since Rich was on Daddy duty with Avery all day yesterday and has both kids all next week for Spring Break I thought it only fair that he get out of the house for the afternoon today.  So he choose to go down to the Horse Track to watch a few races and have a couple of beers with a buddy.  He has texted me a few times for some numbers for races so I am kind of there in spirit.  Avery is currently sleeping and I am about to start with house cleaning, my least favorite weekend project, I keep saying I am going to get a cleaning lady so I don't have to spend my weekend cleaning but I still haven't done anything towards that, oh well, I digress.  But below is the picture he sent me from the ticket line at the track with the following message.

Can I get a 2, 4 exacta box please?  WTF?

So apparently even the Easter Bunny likes to wager on the horses?  Guess it is a good thing the Bunny isn't at the Dog Track....ha ha.  Happy Holy Saturday, maybe not the best activity for the day but nonetheless at least my husband is having a nice afternoon off.

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