Sunday, April 3, 2011

Toys and Kid Stuff...........

So currently I am taking a breather on the couch, watching, well at least listening to the 6 o'clock News, and then it is off to finish up the cleaning of the downstairs of our house and then on to the kitchen to make dinner for the family.  But it is in my cleaning of the downstairs that I came up with a it goes.  I know so many of my friends, that hopefully read my blog, well hopefully someone reads it besides me, any way I digress, have small children like myself, some of my friends work in the home and some outside of it but that doesn't even matter in this question, this question just has to do with the kids.  So is it just our house or does it happen every where to everyone, in that your living room, in our case the downstairs of our house is just overwhelmed with kid's stuff, I mean there is no hiding it when you walk in the front door that children live in our home, I feel as though Babies R Us has thrown up in my main living space and for that matter every room in my house.  We have a pack n play, bumbo seat, bouncy seat, two toy bins of Jolie's stuff under the front console table, sing-a-ma-jigs galore, small children seats, you name it, it is just everywhere and I guess it is just the stage of life we are in but I so want an adult space.  Even my master bedroom and bathroom are over run with kid stuff, I have a bassinet, a bouncy seat that I use when I take a shower, clothes that have been folded but await someone with 5 minutes to put them away, a little kid's bathtub, just stuff ,then of course there is the kid's rooms which look like toy stores as neither of our kids are doing with out much, well I don't really think they are doing without anything.  Although I guess that is the American Dream, to give your children more than you had and since I wasn't missing much, my kids aren't either!  So just a quick break from cleaning rant on all the kid's stuff we have laying around....I am always reminded of this on cleaning day as I swear I could clean faster if there was less stuff!!!

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