Monday, December 27, 2010


Why is it so freaking cold here in Florida, it is suppose to be so much warmer! It is making me crazy that it is so cold because basically Avery and I can't leave the house. I left for an hour on Friday and for the doctor's on Tuesday and Wednesday, other than that I have been held up in the house trying to stay warm for the entireweek Avery and i have been home from the hospital. I don't know how people that live up north do it with little tiny winter babies! I think we own every cold weather baby item but we still find that Avery gets so cold. Sometimes even in her bed while sleep she takes her arms out of the blanket and her hands get so cold and that is inside the house. Do you have any good ways to keep small babies warm during the winter? Also I am working on a big Christmas post...I hope to publish sometime today or tomorrow as I am writing it and thank you notes in-between caring for my kids and cleaning up the Christmas mess that is all over the downstairs of my house. Hope everyone has a great last Monday of 2010!

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