Sunday, December 26, 2010

Update on illness...

So for the first time since I got it I am using my I-pad to update my blog. I have to say spending half of Christmas sick as a dog was totally uncool! I took the medication the OB called in last night about 9 pm, my mom came over to our house to help Rich get the kids settled in for bed and pick up my Meds and a few things at the drugstore. I ate half a bowl of beef broth that Rich made me, drank some fluids and by 9:30 pm the meds kicked in and I was out for the count! The OB said I could continue to breastfeed despite the meds and bowel issues so I told Rich just wake me up and I will feed, well I was so out of it he didn't think it was a good idea for me to even hold Avery so he used breast milk I had in the fridge and I just pumped. Of course Avery had her only fussy night in her life the night her Daddy had to watch her. Needless to say this wasn't how I envisioned our first family of four Christmas, good thing we have many more to go!
I am feeling a little better today but I haven't moved much, I am currently laid out on the sofa. My Mom was over earlier to play with Jolie, that was great as both Rich and I got a little rest!I sure hope I feel completely better soon!

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