Friday, December 10, 2010

A Milestone in the Countdown

Well, it is officially the day of a major milestone to meeting Baby Avery....we are just one week away, 7 days.  Not to mention today was my last day in the office at work, although I am working until next Wednesday we only go to the office on Fridays for meetings so since today was my last Friday it was my last day in the office, I went to my last meeting until I return in Mid-February.  I can't believe that one week from now I will be holding my precious baby and that our family of four will be complete.  I have to say I am so excited to get to hold my baby, I look forward to all the joy that she will bring to our family, it is unbelievable to me that after nine months of carrying her around in my stomach and feeling her move and grow I will soon be holding her in my arms, wow, that just seems so amazing!!!

In other news I will be making major headway in the Pre-Baby To Do List this weekend, I have a lot of VERY big plans for gettingt things done, I hope that I am able to complete them all before Avery Arrives!!!
Here is where I am right now:
Here is the key, anything bold and red is complete, black is still to be done.

1. Decorate the House for Christmas, inside and out.
2. Finish hanging all wall hangings in the house, including in Avery's Nursery. (Saturday morning Dad is coming over to help Rich finish)
3. Finish up all Christmas shopping and get it wrapped.
4. Buy new baby monitor, somehow we lost part of the one we had.
5. Get Jolie's picture taken with Santa.
6. Set up swing and pack and play for Avery. Get out the bouncy seat and put batteries in all items. (After the carpet people finish Saturday we plan on getting this done)
7. Do LARGE grocery store run to stock up for the 2 weeks I won't be driving.  (Will do on my one day off, Thursday)
8. Make Jolie's teacher's gifts.  (Sunday Jolie is helping me get this done)
9. Finish packing Avery's hospital bag, throw last minute things in my hospital bag.  (This probably won't happen until Thursday night but I will get it done)
10. Line up all of Jolie's gifts from Elfie (that is her elf on the shelf) with the date for each item so that either my Mom or Rich can handle it without me.
11. Finish painting shelf for Avery's room.
12. Put together Avery's crib mobile.  (Again after carpet people are done on Saturday afternoon)
13. Deep clean Master Bathroom.  (Sunday morning I hope)
14. Clean back porch.  (Sometime Sunday, hopefully)
15. Make Christmas Cookies with Jolie.  (Sunday, this is party of getting the teacher gifts done)
16. Put car seat bases for Avery's car seat in both cars. Also clean out Rich and Jen's car, vacuumed and washed. (Saturday or Sunday, I hope!!!  Maybe after Dad and Rich finish the wall hangings.)

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