Monday, December 6, 2010

Updated Pre-Baby To Do List and Santa Photo

So I have checked off one more major thing on the Pre-Baby To Do List...and that is taking Jolie to see Santa, it took awhile but we got it done yesterday, Jolie waited very patiently in line and was super excited to see Santa, she made sure to ask him for a Lady Bug Pillow Pet which is at the VERY TOP of her wish list, in fact it is the only thing on her wish list, hope Santa brings it with him.  In other news ever since Elfie, the Elf on the Shelf appeared Jolie has been behaving quite well, wonder if we could use him all year long??  Here is Jolie and Santa and the updated list....

Okay, so I decided that I need a add a few things to the do list, I think they were always kind of on the list but I just didn't write them down but my memory is getting so bad that I need to have them written down.

Here is the key, anything bold and red is complete, black is still to be done.
1. Decorate the House for Christmas, inside and out.
2. Finish hanging all wall hangings in the house, including in Avery's Nursery.
3. Finish up all Christmas shopping and get it wrapped.
4. Buy new baby monitor, somehow we lost part of the one we had.
5. Get Jolie's picture taken with Santa.
6. Set up swing and pack and play for Avery. Get out the bouncy seat and put batteries in all items.
7. Do LARGE grocery store run to stock up for the 2 weeks I won't be driving.
8. Make Jolie's teacher's gifts.
9. Finish packing Avery's hospital bag, throw last minute things in my hospital bag.
10. Line up all of Jolie's gifts from Elfie (that is her elf on the shelf) with the date for each item so that either my Mom or Rich can handle it without me.
11.  Finish painting shelf for Avery's room.
12.  Put together Avery's crib mobile.
13.  Deep clean Master Bathroom.
14.  Clean back porch.
15.  Make Christmas Cookies with Jolie.
16.  Put car seat bases for Avery's car seat in both cars.  Also clean out Rich and Jen's car, vacuumed and washed.

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