Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Week in Pictures: Week of Nov. 29th

Monday, November 29th:
I had ordered a picture to canvas from Canvas People, they were running a special where all you had to pay was $14.99 for shipping and you got an 8x10 canvas, I decided to go for it and this is a picture of the canvas, not great quality picture though, I took it on the Blackberry.  But I have to say the canvas itself is super cute and everyone that has come to the house since we got it loves it!!

Tuesday, November 30th:
So in honor of the upcoming holiday I saw this car with a large, light up at night menorah on it and just couldn't resist taking a picture.  I thought it was so fun and festive!!

Wednesday, December 1st:

So Avery's Nursery is done super girlie and all in cupcakes, I really love it!!  So like I did for Jolie's Nursery I set out to make some artwork for the walls, there are a total of 3 canvases with painted cupcakes, this is the first one I did.  They are all slightly different in colors but the same in design and Rich is going to hang them up for me this week, I really love the way they turned out!!

Thursday, December 2nd:
This is what $25 at the Dollar Store will get you!  And I LOVE it!!  I got like 8 gifts for the Elf on the Shelf to bring Jolie, one thing for Rich's stocking, and a few little Christmas Decorations.  I won't even explain the decoration stuff as I am sure they will be a part of future pictures, I will give you a hint, tomorrow's picture is going to be 4 of the items in this picture turned into a Christmas Wreath on our front door!

Friday, December 3rd:
Okay, so this may not be the best and nicest wreath I have ever made but it is by far the cheapest!  As a part of my Dollar Store trip I bought 4 $1 things that I turned into this wreath...there are 2 flower picks that I cut up and hot glued on, there is a wreath form, and 9ft of Pine Garland.  I might add something to the middle but I haven't decided yet but for $4, I love it!!!

Saturday, Dec. 4th:

We got all the Christmas decorations out and up today.  Of course my favorite is our Christmas tree, Jolie and my Mom hung most of the ornaments and I think it turned out super cute!!  Now all I have to do is finish cleaning the house but at least Rich and I got all the bins that I keep Christmas in back in the garage and put away.  The cleaning will have to wait til tomorrow!!

Sunday, December 5th:

Okay, so I know it is suppose to be one picture a day but today I couldn't choose which thing I wanted to talk about so it is a bonus day full of two pictures!!  The top one is of our stockings hung and waiting for Santa!  This year I had to hang them differently as we have added one for Avery and went from 3 stockings to 4 stockings to hang, I have to say I love the way they turned out, I think they look so cute and I have to say I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my most precious Christmas gift ever!!

The second photo is of the ceramic Christmas Tree I have always see before I was ever born my Mom was huge into ceramics and made TONS of cute stuff and most especially for Christmas, she made these beautiful trees for everyone, my grandparents (both sets) and herself.  As a child it was always my job to put the "ornaments" in the ceramic tree and I have always loved these trees and wanted one for my own house.  Well this year my Grandmother (my Mom's Mom) decided not to put this year up as she has one big tree, one little tree, and a light up one my Mom bought for her last year, so I got to borrow the special ceramic tree!!  I have to say I was thrilled when I found out it was coming my way.  And I think it was even more special watching Jolie's face light up while putting the "ornaments" on it!!  I really do just love the Christmas Season!

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