Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Last Day of Work

So I have officially made it to my last day of work, I set out nearly 9 months ago and said that December 15th would be my last day of work and I can't believe first off that it is already December 15th and second off that I actually made it to the day.  There were so many days that I didn't think it would be possible to make it this far and so many days that I didn't want to keep working but I have made it!!  I have to say now that the day is here I am a little sad to be saying goodbye to all my customers and co-workers for the next 8 almost 9 weeks.  Work is so much of who I am, it is going to be weird to not be calling on customers, driving around, being on the phone all the time, dealing with endless problems, and feeling the rush of a huge sale.  I live for being the best at what I do and now I am going to put all that down and focus on myself and my family without the distractions of a normal day, not really sure how that is going to work out.  When I had Jolie I started to go a little stir crazy and actually went back to work a week early, wonder if it will be like that again?  I have a feeling this time my home life is going to be busy enough that I won't be bored at all!!

I feel very ready to have my family of four home and with me, especially with the holidays rapidly approaching, I always dreamed of signing Christmas cards with The Perillo Family and having four names to follow, it just feels so complete.  Although this year we decided not to send a Christmas card because if we did them early Avery wouldn't be in the picture and if I waited it was just going to get crazy so we have opted for a birth announcement for Avery with professional pictures that we are taking right at New Year's and we will include everyone in our new family of four in that.  But I have been able to sign all the Christmas present tags with every one's name and that was a true gift.

Today will be full of last minute orders and goodbyes for now but I just can't wait for the big day that awaits my family on Friday.  I am thrilled to know in less than 48 hours I will be holding my sweet, precious baby girl.  She is sure to complete our family.  I just want both Jolie and Avery to know that their Mom and Dad dreamed about the day that we would have them both with us and we can't wait to watch them grow and see what life has in store for them, we truly feel blessed to be their parents and grateful for the chance to raise them.

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