Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Random Pictures

On Thanksgiving Day my Aunt and my Grandma gave Rich and I a new camera, an early Christmas present so we could use it and get use to it before using it in welcoming Baby Avery.  So we have been use it but I have yet to post any of its pictures so here are some random pictures from the last several weeks.

Thanksgiving Day:

Okay, I haven't put up like any pictures of me pregnant so consider this a pure treat, I told you I was big!  and just think this was several weeks ago, I think I was like 34 weeks then and look at that BIG baby!!!

This is the centerpiece I made but I have a feeling I am never going to get around to a "how to" so at least I am showing off the final product!!!

Day After Thanksgiving, Dinner with the College Roommates:
Remember that three of the four of us are pregnant and I think I mentioned it before there are a total of 5 babies in the oven!!  The good news is I am the furtherest along and will be welcoming my bundle first but that means I will be able to pass down maternity clothes and baby clothes as I am finished after this one!

Family Dinner, Sunday after Thanksgiving:

My Aunt, my Mom, and my Grandma.

Me and Jolie, and yes her hair is almost always that crazy!!

And of course the whole gang, minus Rich, he wasn't in a good mood, the Redskins lost just hours before this dinner so he didn't make it with us!

Jolie's Visit to Santa:

Okay, as you can see I am still learning the camera, sometimes the lighting is right and sometimes it isn't but I am getting there.  Hope we do well with pictures of Avery!!

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