Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baby Avery Milestones

I am writing this so I can't forget the mini-milestones in Baby Avery's life.  Today she started smiling, she looks right up at me and smiles, it totally warms my heart!  And because I feel like I haven't shared many pictures of her recently here are a few, I am going to try and capture a smile but that might take a while.
This might be one of my most favorite outfits ever, the onesie and the pants have strawberries on them and there is even a hat that is a strawberry!  (Sarah get ready it will be coming your way soon, she is growing so fast.)

This is my two beautiful girls!!!

And I couldn't resist sharing a picture of my big girl before she went to play golf on Sunday with her Daddy, my goodness she is getting so big!!

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