Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcoming 2011.....

So how did you welcome 2011 this morning/last night? Well Rich and I had the simplest New Year's ever and I loved it!!! Here is what we did, silly me didn't take any pictures not that there was really anything to take pictures of. We had a GREAT dinner that we made of filet and lobster tails, they were amazing! I had never cooked just lobster tails before but thanks to google I quickly found instructions and they turned out perfect. My MIL joined us for dinner as well, it was nice, we opened a bottle of bubbles, each having a glass, that might have been my favorite part! Jolie went to bed about 9 or so, thank goodness she had a busy day and the crazy amount of loud fireworks going on outside didn't seem to bother her. Rich, Avery and I went to bed around 10, Rich and I watched a little TV and were quickly asleep but about 11:15 or so Avery got up with a vengeance, she was feisty! So we feed her, rocked her and watched the ball drop on TV while listening to the neighborhood fireworks, Rich and I shared a quick kiss while laying in bed holding our 2 week old baby and it was then I knew I was already succeeding in my New Year's resolution and that was to be more simple and focus on family and I did just that last night. 2011 is going Tao be about more for less for me this is going to be about having more of the important stuff and less of the fluff. Did you make a resolution this year? Is it one you have made before or is it something different? What are you going to do to keep it?

In other news of the day Rich got a much deserved break to go golfing today and is spending the morning doing that with his bff golf buddy Scott and while he was gone my Mom came over to see me and the kids and with her help Jolie and I put away all the Christmas decorations inside and out. I feel like my house got bigger with the decorations gone, we even got a few
Valentine's decorations put up, although I am going to make a quick dollar store trip after
Rich gets home to see if I can find a few things to add to our decor for V-Day, although I assure you it will be simple. I also want to make an advent, countdown to Valentine's tree
thing so I a, going to look for a few supplies for that too, will make a post about that
project when I complete it. I feel like I am so much more productive now with two kids, I have really found my groove and I have to say I love it! I have to say though I have a great support system with my parents and my husband that make it possible for me. Plus I have an amazing little three and half year old helper that is just too cute! Hope your New Year's Eve and Day were as good as ours and that you too are enjoying family as much as we are in 2011!

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