Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Well I figured I would use the title of this post to define the one thing I really need...that is sleep. It seems as though my super sweet, super wonderful almost three week old baby is confused and doesn't realize that night time is for sleep and day time is for awake. So last night was a low point for us, I got about an hour and a half to two hours total of sleep and as you can imagine I didn't get all of that at one time so needless to say I am totally tired! However, today is one of the few days we have things we have to do so there is no morning nap for Mommy. I am off to get a shower and then we have three errands to run and then lunch with my girlfriends except I am dropping off Avery at my Mom's before my lunch so it should be a great time with my friends and very adult, exciting! Here is to finding a few extra minutes of sleep at some point today!

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