Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CVS Extra Care Bucks

So in my search of ways to save money and find deals For my family I came across this amazing system at CVS called Extra Care Bucks, it is a reward card system with awesome benefits...one of the blogs I read, Balancing Beauty and Bedlam, always talks about this system and the more I read the more I had to try it out to see how it works and let me tell you it works like a dream and you mix in some regular Sunday paper coupons and you are really saving, which of course is the always the goal in The Perillo House.  Below is a link to a tutorial video that I watched before I started trying to make this system work for me, she explains it better than I ever could. I have also included a link to the same blog where she puts out the CVS extra bucks for the week, this week we at The Perillo House will be taking part in the M&M's and the Maybeline makeup and from the Pepsi's we bought last week we have $10 towards our purchase so our total out of pocket expense this week should be about $7 and then we will have $11 towards next week, I love this system! I know it sounds kind of crazy but trust me it works just watch the video!

How to Video

This week at CVS

Good luck and we hope you find as much savings as we have!

I guess I should explain that when we found out we were going to be a family of four and not just three anymore Rich and I felt that it was really important to start watching the dollars we spend so I started searching out ways to save money, like coupons and sales, people that have known me for years and years would find this to be funny probably but isn't it funny how much we all change over the years.  And because I am an overachiever it has turned into a mission and every week I add up what I saved on the grocery bill and I get more and more excited when the amount is larger.  I figure the money I am saving us can go to another bill or towards something for our girls and I have found it isn't that hard to save money so it is totally worth it, if only one of the local grocery store chains did double or triple coupons I would truly be in heaven!!

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