Monday, January 17, 2011

Recap since last Thursday....

Okay, so I got blogging lazy at the end of last week and over the weekend so I have a lot to catch up on.  On Thursday I decided to make it a work around the house day as it was pretty cold outside and I figured it best for Avery and I to stay indoors.  So I decided it was time to tackle one of the smallest but messiest places in my house.  I can't believe I am sharing this on the Internet but at least I know it is better!

The Laundry Room Re-Do

So I told you it was awful!  We don't really have a laundry room per say, it is more of a very tiny laundry closet in the hallway upstairs, in fact it is so strange that I had to take two crazy pictures to get the whole thing because there wasn't enough space for me to back up to take pictures otherwise.  So I don't think I need to say much we can all see it was a mess!!

And the after makes it look so much bigger and better, I am really happy with it, it is so much easier to do laundry now.  In fact I have done a ton since I cleaned it and I am loving it!

I often wonder if you all think I neglect my child to get little home projects done around my house so I took a picture of what my little one does while I do projects, she sleeps!  Most of the time I have her in one of her two bouncy seats or in her swing, sometimes she is just in her pack n play sleeping, it kind of just depends where we are or what is going on but I assure you I take care of her!

Friday, Avery and I went out for a while to my Mom's house to hang out with my Aunt who is in town and my Grandma, it was really fun.  We all had our i-pads and sat there playing and telling of all our favorite apps.  I forgot to take pictures :( but my Mom took some I just have to get a hold of her memory card so I promise to update with photos as soon as I get them from Mom.

Saturday afternoon Jolie went to my friend Christina's hair salon for a much needed haircut.  Her hair was too long and too wild so we trimmed it down, it is so cute!!  She had a blast with Miss Christina, thank goodness for lifelong friends that do my hair and my girls!!

On Saturday night we went to my parent's house for an amazing lobster dinner with my parents, Grandma, and my Aunt.  It was so much fun, of course the food was amazing but the company was even better.  We used my i-pad to view totally hilarious you tube videos so that was fun, I don't think we have ever laughed so hard all together, it was so much fun!!  Again I forgot pictures, I swear I am going to get better at that!!

On Sunday morning we just hung out as a family and I captured a few great pictures of my girls.  I just love them both so much, they are amazing!!

 Sunday afternoon we went over to my parent's house to play.  Santa had brought Jolie some snow to play with but we had yet to bust out that activity so I thought a quiet Sunday afternoon at Mimi and Poppy's house was the perfect opportunity.  And let me tell you that Jolie truly loved was pretty cool and the best part is you can use it over and over again so there will be more snow days in her future.

We had such a great was quiet but we just got time to hang out and enjoy each other and I have to say that this is the best part of life, just hanging with my family and laughing and smiling, I love it!

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