Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rough Night

Just when I thought I had having two kids under control last night happened. Avery started fussing uncontrollably at around 9pm and didn't finally fall asleep until around 2 am, she spent all that time just screaming and crying, I have to say it was beyond frustrating, I was nearing my breaking point when all of a sudden around 1:30 am Avery had the biggest poop of her life, which I think was a large part of her fussiness, however, when she did it, it went everywhere, up her back, all over her outfit and of course all over the sheets to my bed. So now after hours of fussy and no sleep I had to wake Rich up to help me change our bed and clean her up, not fun! Then as we settled in and her and I finally got to sleep, Jolie was up and screaming around 2:30 am, my wonderful husband went in her room and dealt with that but wow do I feel as though as bus or a truck or something has hit me today. After not sleeping well the night before and my new medicine for my bladder, the soreness of my left arm from my tDAP shot and just overall motherhood I have to say I officially feel defeated today. I will be napping today when Avery does and there won't be any house projects today, I will, however, be running a few errands to finish up things for my friend, Sarah's Baby Shower that I am helping to throw over the weekend.

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