Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Completed Projects.....

So again today I was very productive around the house.  I was able to clean off the tops of my kitchen cabinets, I wiped down and/or washed everything and then reorganized, I got rid of a few random things that I just didn't think we needed any more and I rearranged everything so that it looks different.  Once again I was so excited to get started I forgot to take a before picture but here is the after.

After I got that done I thought I would finish the one thing that I didn't complete on my pre-baby to do list, I know she is almost 4 weeks old already but hey better late than never, right?  Here are the before and afters on that....

Don't get me wrong there is still a ton of stuff out there but at least it is a little neater...this is the only place we have in our house to keep outdoor toys so it will always just be kind of crazy out there but at least it is some what organized.

I also got to clean up Jolie's room for her today.  It looks a thousand times better than it did, she had taken most of the toys in her baskets out so it was just messy.  And since I never did finished room pictures on any of the house, I swear I will do that while I am on maternity leave, here are two pictures of her room, one of either side of the main part of the room.
This is a picture of her room from the doorway looking at her bed, I know it is a big bed, it is a queen because that is the size bed we already owned (it was my bed before I met Rich and then when we got our king sized bed for our master bedroom it went to the guest room, then the guest room became Jolie's room and we just used that bed).  This is the fabulous cute little girl's bedding that I found last spring at Marshall's for $30, I love it and looks so great with her yellow walls.  On the wall to the left of her bed is an art show hanging where she can change out and put her school work in, we change it about once a month and it is due for a change as it still has Christmas art in it, that will have to wait for another day.  As you can see on her bed is her favorite Christmas gift from Santa her Lady Bug Pillow Pet, she loves that thing!

This is a picture taken from the corner of the room by the closet doors.  As you can see she has a great desk and hutch, a corner piece and a long dresser.  There is also her favorite thing in her room, her TV, she loves to watch movies and gets so excited when we let her watch movies in there.  The good news is her room is clean as I sit here and type this, the bad news is she is on her way home from school with Rich and so it is possible in less than an hour it will be destroyed...ha ha!!

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