Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Recent Projects...

So since I am home with Avery and the weather has really limited the amount of things I can do, like leave my house because it has been so cold and windy and Avery can't do that we have been make wise use of our time at home and have completed several projects that I never seem to have time for as a working Mom.  So here is what I have completed so far...
I took this mess of coupons that was just sitting on the corner of the kitchen counter, I got rid of the expired and organized them all to fit in the two red envelopes ($1 each from the Dollar Spot at Target) you see in the left of the picture.  This was a great way to free up space on my kitchen counter and now I feel so much more prepared for the grocery store.  In fact this weekend I saved us $20 at the BJ's Wholesale Club and between ads, in store deals, and coupons I saved us over $45.00 at the grocery store and bought meats plus a weeks worth of groceries all for around $90, not bad for a family of four, well really three Avery doesn't use much in the way of groceries...ha ha!

On to the next project, I forgot to take before pictures on these so you will have to take my word for it that the two areas below had exploded with kid's stuff and toys and was driving me insane!

This is the toy area in my living room, prior to this picture I had two small wicker baskets there to hold toys and it was over flowing and was always looking super crazy so I went on a mission in my own house to figure out a better arrangement, that is when I looked in Jolie's closet and found the two rubber bins you see above, they have handles, they fit in the space, they hold a ton of toys, and other then the color I love them.  Although I did this project last week and the color isn't bothering me as much anymore.  So again another project done for free!!

Again, no before picture but when I tell you the above corner in my house was out of control that would be an understatement, this is right next to the sliding glass door in the back and had become a dumping ground for Jolie's large toys that were in the living room, there was a turtle art station, a princess ride on car, and a shopping cart there prior to my redo.  The basket in the corner was one of the ones that were used in the living room for Jolie's toys prior to the reorganization you saw above and now it holds all of Jolie's shoes that had been piled up by my front door previously and then I took one of the chairs from the kitchen table that always seemed to be in the way anyways and made a little finish getting ready station for Jolie, she sits in the chair in the morning to get her shoes and socks put on, it is perfect and I love it!  And yet again a FREE project, just a little moving around of things I already have!

Now on to the good stuff, here are the pictures before and after of my kitchen cabinets that I cleaned out yesterday...I am so glad that I tackled that project.  I did all the cabinets and drawers (well I have one drawer left to do) and then today I am going to clean up and redecorate the tops of my cabinets, I will again do a before and after.  I hope to make it super nice up there as well.
This might have been the easiest cabinet, it was just a little moving around and putting the things we use most easiest to get to and then on the bottom right I made room for all the sippy cups.  And a few of the rarely used glassware sets found a new home in the corner part of the next cabinet as we don't pull them out often.

This is the before on top and after on bottom of the cabinet above the stove.  I decided after reading a few stories about how you should not put any sort of plastic in this cabinet to go ahead and move that to another home and replaced it with some occasionally used glass cookware and then the seasonal salt and pepper shakers.

This is the cabinet I use to hold measuring cups and some frequently used bake/serving ware and some acrylic wine glasses that we use rather regularly when it is just us at home.  Doesn't it look so much better??  It is amazing how much space you find when you reorganize because I really didn't get rid of much I just made better use of the space I have, I thought I would have to get rid of a ton of stuff to have this happen, I am loving it!!

This is where I keep all my dishes and plastic plates and bowls for the kids to use, I can't believe how much better this looks, I couldn't be happier with the results!!

Now these are the bottom cabinets that open with the door but then go around the corner so it is very hard to see but trust me when I tell you this pots and pans cabinet looks AMAZING in comparison!

 This is the cabinet on the left of my stove that is the dumping ground for extra stuff like small appliances, bake ware, cookie cutters, extra parts to my kitchen aid mixer, extra lunch boxes, everything just end up in there but WOW this makes it look like it all belongs, I am really excited to not have stuff falling out when we open up the doors.

And last but I think my favorite....I forgot to take a before picture which is somewhat disappointing because it was so crazy and it is so great now but this is my Tupperware cabinet and it is so super organized, LOVE it!!!

So as you can see I am making GREAT use of my time at home and getting a lot of things done that don't normally fit into my busy working mother schedule.

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